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We don’t stand on ceremony and we find solace in what’s different. We take an unconventional approach to winemaking by working with impassioned growers to source varietals from vineyards and appellations across California. Together, we create wine blends that challenge expectation. We are The Prisoner Wine Company
With a bold vision, Winemaker Chrissy Wittmann is remaking the rules. Alongside our family of growers, The Prisoner winemaking team pushes boundaries as they craft our selection of unexpected, yet artful wines.
"We are minimalist and believe it’s up to the grapes to do their thing. It’s our job to provide the best environment for them to do so, whether it’s during fermentation, barrel ageing, or preparing for bottling. Ultimately, all of the wines and their related vineyards have their own personality and we work hard to let each one express itself in the best way."
—Chrissy Wittmann, Winemaker

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The Prisoner 2016
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