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Founded in 1976 by Brian Croser, Petaluma operates what they call a “distinguished vineyards” philosophy. This is crafting ultra-premium wines by specially selecting the best sites within a particular area suited to a chosen grape variety, built on the old world belief of planting the right varieties for individual vineyards in a specific wine region. The wines of Petaluma are a singular exploration of this founding belief.
Petaluma pioneered planting vines in the Adelaide Hills, and now have carefully selected vineyard sites in the three regions of the Adelaide Hills, Clare Valley and Coonawarra in South Australia. They pioneered planting in the Adelaide Hills
Always at the heart of Petaluma’s winemaking is attention to detail and stringent quality focus, with constant evolution and refinement, driven by a team of experienced winemakers and viticulturists who maintain the rigour and excitement that encapsulates the Petaluma spirit.

The Yellow Label wines are the heart and soul of the range. They are hall mark wines – outstanding examples of matching the grape variety to the best regional vineyard sites.

The White Label wines are affordable luxury which unmistakably display the classic regional characteristics of the Adelaide Hills and Coonawarra.

Croser are Petaluma’s sparkling wines crafted in the traditional method with second fermentation in bottle. The hand-picked fruit is sourced from the Adelaide Hill’s Piccadilly Valley, from vineyards located on the cooler, more southerly aspects on the lower part of the slope, which produces fruit with flavour clarity and high levels of natural acidity. Oak is a small, but important component in Croser sparkling wines, and they disgorge on demand. Australian elegance in every bottle!


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