Wine is an all encompassing life-long study: buy a bottle, pour a glass, look at the colour, savour the bouquet then taste. Where is it from? The country – the area, the climate, the soil, the people. And then for me the special question. What dish can I serve it with? I have been a passionate cook forever but over the last two decades that last question has fascinated me and I just had to learn more. My studies took me to Plumpton College where I gained an advanced certificate from the Wine and Spirit Educational Trust. Plumpton may only be a short distance from my home but since then the study of wine has led me around the world: throughout every wine-making area in Europe; likewise Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa. On the home front I am presently the Vice-Chairperson of the Eastbourne Wine Society and belong to several other wine clubs across Sussex. I do enjoy presenting wines, talking at length about them and hoping to enthuse others to become devotees and connoisseurs!  Hailsham Cellars is my local independent wine merchant of choice and their massive range of the world’s best wines in shop and warehouse is inspirational.

Taste is such a personal experience but I hope to introduce you to and tell you about some really interesting wines over the next few months and, if you allow me, to make some suggestions as to which wine would nicely match the particular dish you are preparing.

Love the wine, and greetings from Victoria South to all our friends around the world!