Although it has around 205,000 acres (83,000 ha) under vine, only about 10% are planted with wine grapes – the rest are table grapes. This is because most of Brazil is close to the equator, with a hot tropical climate.  The vineyards therefore are concentrated in the south of the country, often planted in cooler, hilly locations that help to keep the acidity in the grapes. The Portuguese planted the first vines around 1532 in Sao Paulo, but the climatic conditions were not favourable and the vines did not flourish. The Jesuits found more success around 1626, planting in the south of the country. Brazilian wines were brought to the public’s attention by the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Rio Olympic Games, which demonstrated that the quality of Brazilian wine is increasing. It is a growing market as the county realises its potential and is becoming known for its sparkling wines produced in both spumante style and Tradition Method. Moet and Chandon established Chandon Brazil in 1973 in Serra Gaucha - it’s not all about Cachaça anymore!

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Cuvee Giuseppe Chardonnay 2013
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Miolo Lote 43 2011
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